The Man Behind the Movement

Welcome to the saga of Joel Yinot merely a marketer, a strategist, or a consultant,

but a force of nature who has consistently turned the tides of business

in favor of those savvy enough to follow his lead.

From the starting blocks of athletic tracks in Malaysia to the meticulous planning rooms of military strategy, and into the heart of high stakes entrepreneurship, Joel's journey is nothing short of epic.

At 15, Joel wasn't just quick on his feet — he was the fastest, snatching gold as the Malaysian state 100m sprint champion. That need for speed? It never waned. It only found new arenas to conquer.

By 21, Joel had leaped from academia with not one but two Bachelor's degrees in hand, straight into leading troops as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Reserves — an impressive feat decorated with the distinguished Iron Lute award.

But it's in the adrenaline-fueled world of sales and business growth where Joel truly races ahead.

By 23, he was already at the helm of sales for a coaching brand valued at over $50 million. Then, by 26, call him a millionaire and real estate mogul, because that's exactly what he became. And all of this before propelling Scale Asia towards the LEAP Market — beckoning an IPO that's set to send shockwaves through the industry.

Today, Joel Yi is a moniker synonymous with success. He’s shared the spotlight with titans like Jay Abraham and Les Brown, imparting wisdom and soaking up the energy in arenas where colossal minds converge. Joel’s the mastermind you've read about in Entrepreneur and Forbes, the strategist who crafted methodologies that have been the lifeline for businesses gasping for growth. 

Under his wing, companies aren't just reviving — they're thriving, with a collective $200M in sales to show for it and over 5,000 trained professionals redefining the sales game.

So, what's Joel's secret sauce? It's about tuning into the core frequency of demand, analyzing the data no one else is watching, and executing strategies with laser precision. But most of all, it's about embracing the Art of the Real Deal — building genuine, lasting connections that turn prospects into die-hard fans and businesses into legends.



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