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"Listen, if you need someone to help run your sales team, man, there ain't no one right here. You know, this is the guy. My sales team, they just been super excited about working with you (Joel), and they love those training sessions. Just so you guys know, since working with Joe, year to date, it's up by 38%." - Brandon Carter, CEO of High Ticket Trainer

Service: Fractional Sales Manager

Pain Point: Scaling Sales Team & Revenue

"We had multiple calls that were leading up to an actual opportunity to sell. After working with Joel, we're able to cut that down to one call close. In addition to that, before we were taking lots of payment plans. They're paying monthly over the entire year. Since we've worked with Joel, we've got a lot of pay in full, which has been awesome because we got better cashflow." - Mike Schmidt & AJ Rivera, Co-founders of Agency Coach

Service: Sales Training & Consulting

Pain Point: Long Sales Cycle, Low Conversion Rate

"The main bottleneck we had was definitely the mindset of the sales team that reflected on them not having good cash collected. So by looking at the numbers, we pretty much triple the results that we had starting before and then without changing anything about the funnel. Joel is one of the top in expertise in sales. And not only that, marketing in general, he has a very good understanding how it works alongside Sales." - Ruben Davoli, Co-founder and CEO of Tradacc

Service: Sales Training & Consulting

Pain Point: Mindset Of The Sales Team, Low Conversion Rate

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